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How do you go about fasting? Simple, don’t eat. I know it sounds silly, but it really is that easy. Don’t eat. Ok, so you need to not eat for a reasonable period of time: not eating for an hour between dinner and dessert doesn’t really count as a fast. You can do it the […]

Just re-tweeted a tweet (is that how you say it?) by Brad Pilon where he mentions a study suggesting that short fasts increase testosterone. If true, this is good news for all us men – especially those of us approaching an age where testosterone production naturally begins to decrease. I have yet to actually see […]

Another training video link, this time by Matt Wenning of Elite FTS. No, I don’t think I can squat – in fact I know I can’t. I used to think I could. My technique is still awful, but I’m working on it. Which is why it is so amazing that these guys, like Dave Tate […]

I’ve been waiting all day to write this post, but had to wait until I got back home as work was busy today. Are you old enough to remember the video game ‘Frogger‘? Very briefly it is a simple arcade game where you control a frog trying to cross a road and a river full […]

After breakfast on Friday (post workout meal) I started a 24 hour fast. I was planning on breaking the fast at 10am on Saturday, but didn’t feel hungry or interested in eating at all. On the contrary, I wrote blog posts and went running. I felt energised and productive. Eventually I did break the fast, […]

I mentioned earlier that I believe my bench press technique has improved significantly in the last few months. I found this video by Dave Tate incredibly helpful: